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Kitesurfing – the word is formed from two parts: kite and surfing (riding on the waves). It is a relatively young, but very fast developing sport and it attracts more and more fans every year. It is also called kiteboarding or kiting. The first inflatable kite, which became the prototype of modern kites, was patented in 1984. And then it has started…  With the help of kites they were ridingon  absolutely everything: water skis, buggies (small three-wheeled cars), skates and many other things that can move on the surface with the help of the pull from a kite. And by the late nineties, using the method of antiscientific tyke, as well as in the process of completely scientific development, enthusiasts came to the most convenient and promising device: THE BOARD. To date, the combination of a kite and a board is the most popular. Agree, this is clearly more interesting than a combination of kites and, for example, a canoe or a cart from a supermarket. Although, there are fans :)


Since we are fans of not only the wind, but also the warm sea and the sun, we try to popularize and develop exactly kitesurfing – riding on a board on water with a pull from a kite. Our website is dedicated to this, as well as our daily work at the biggest kite school on one of the most beautiful kite spots in the world – Mui Ne, Vietnam.

So why is such a young sport (which is much younger than most of its own fans) already almost got included in the program of the Olympic Games? There are a lot of reasons for this. Let’s start with the fact that the styles of kitesurfing are so diverse, that everyone will find something exactly for themselves: frisky young men, strong solid men, fragile girls and even children. It is not necessary to be strong or, on the contrary, weighing like a feather, it is not necessary to be physically strong or, on the contrary, refined – flexible – just choose the style that best suits your physical health, age, weight, temperament – and go ahead !!!


With competent training in kitesurfing, good preparation and, of course, proper enthusiasm and diligence, progress will not be long in coming. The results of the instructor’s work and your efforts will be noticed on the second day of classes. And from the first lesson to the first jump – just in a week!!!

And after … you can not help to be attracted by the accessibility of riding in all directions horizontally and almost in all – vertically (the direction down is very doubtful – diving with kitesurfing has not been combined yet;))

And what about crossing the Bering Strait, as a Russian kiter did, taking a worthy place in the Guinness Book of Records. And accelerate to a world record of more then 100 km / h?

But this is a clean sheet, so many records are yet to come! According to the legend of the world sailing Robby Naish: “This sport is still so young that we all are inspired from each other. Each of us contributes to his worthy contribution. ”

We are waiting for you, future authors of new records and creators of this new story called “kitesurfing”!


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