Young, beautiful, cheerful and in love with the sea and the wind – kite and surf instructors of our school. They are also professional and certified, with plenty of experience in riding and teaching. When you meet them, you will have no doubt that they are the best in what they do. So, hurry! Come and see for yourself!

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Kaitya, “director of the school”


Her Royal Majesty the unrivaled King Julian the Thirteenth, the self-proclaimed lord of lemurs and … hurray! He tries to do a reasonable, kind, eternal, but suffers from a syndrome of distracted attention, so she can not even finish this line before … wow, the waves are coming!!!

With our school from 2009. Kitesurfing since 2009. IKO assistant instructor since 2012.

Kitesurfing preferences: awkward wavering

Lifestyle: Priest of the 90th level

Skype: kyrstya, e-mail:

Edward Africa

Father-founder, legend and guru. One of the first kitesurfers and professional kite instructors in Russia. And later – one of the pioneers, who found a paradise for surfing and kitesurfing and founded here the best kite and surf school “Africa”.

Kite surfing since 2001. Kite instructor since 2003. IKO certified instructor since 2005. Windsurfing since 1997. Windsurfing instructor since 1998. Surfing since 2002. Surf instructor since 2003.

Kitesurfing preferences: top class wavriding

Lifestyle: top class wavraiding

Danich – kite and surf instructor

kite instructor Danich

one of the “old-timers” of the school. Tenderly and carefully teaches future kite beginners since 2009. The greatest success among female students. The most tattooed and the tallest at the school. Master of backgammon and domino and just a very good man and a “cookie”.

With our school since 2010. Kitesurfing and surfing since 2008.

Preferences in kitesurfing: freestyle.

Style of life: to the sea, to the sun, to the wind we should strive! (c).


Maris – IKO kite instructor Level 2, surf and SUP instructor

IKO kite instructor Maris
The Professional with the capital P (in his field). Kite/surf/SUP instructor with plenty of experience in different conditions all around the world. Trying to preserve the Baltic equanimity and natural stiffness in the conditions of the emotional bacchanalia around.

With our school from 2011. IKO certified kite instructor since 2009.

Preferences in kitesurfing: waveriding (strapless).

Lifestyle: correct (on his personal conviction).


Denis – kite and surf instructor IKO Level 2

IKO kite instructor Denis

Kite and surf instructor, The professional, IKO Level 2. Master of barbecue and Internet promotions. 

With the school since 2011. Kitesurfing since 2008, surfing since 2010. Instructor since 2008.

Preferences in kitesurfing: waveriding (strapless).

Lifestyle: Beginner vegetarian and non-drinker.

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