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Africa Surf & Kite Center is the best spot in the central part of Mui Ne located on the beach of Swiss Village Resort. It is the biggest surf and kite spot with all conveniences and facilities. We are open all year long without holidays or days off.

кайтшкола африка оборудование для кайтсерфинга

Storage Rules:

  1. The price includes:

  • Storage area locked from 5 pm to 9 am
  • Compressor-pump
  • Beachboy assistance
  • Huge launching and landing area
  • Drinking water (hot/cold)
  • Wi Fi
  • Refrigerator
  • Lockers
  • Showers
  • Restrooms
  • Changing room
  • Area for kite- washing and drying
  • Sofas, ping pong, dumbbells, horizontal bar and other sport equipment


  1. The price DOES NOT include:
  • Search, security and surveillance services for your belongings.

Please don’t get us wrong 🙂 we just provide storage but not security services: we do not check your equipment’s condition, functionality and completeness.  So we can’t be responsible for this

  1. FYI:
  • A Kite set is: 2 kites, 1 board and 1 harness. So if you need storage (for example) for 3 kites and 2 boards we charge you for 1.5 sets
  • For couples in love for 2 kite sets we charge only 1.5 price 🙂
  • We are not the part of Swiss Village Resort, so any hotel services have to be paid to the hotel separately
  1. Please do:
  • Learn the area for kite’s launch an landing
  • Observe the water-traffic rules (right of way)
  • Follow the hotel’s rules
  • Be treated with respect to staff and others riders
  1. Please don’t:
  • Ride in hotel’s swimming zone (fenced by buoys)
  • No jumping, kite-loopsor or others unsafe things on the beach
  • Smoke at the beach, near the kites or in storage rooms
  • Teach or coach at the beach your friends, family etc.
  • Take/damage/ruin other people’s things
  • Break hotel’s rules
  • Stuck in the middle of the beach thinking of the Universe’s future with the launched kite
  • Launch/land kite at the hotel’s recreation beach area

PRICE for low, high and peack– season in USD

Term of storage use Low season High exept * Peack season
1 day 3 5 7
1 week 15 30 45
1 month 30 100 150
Low season
10th of May – 1st of Nov
High season
1st of Nov – 10th of May
* exept peack season
* Peack season
15th of Dec-15th of Jan

AND HOW ABOUT SPECIAL DEALS? – Of course we have some: for repeat customers, for long-term staying (3+ month), for year-round storage and promo-summer-offer… Please request for your discount

See you on the beach!

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