A bit of kite’s history

Our school came to the place we located today at the same time when kitesuring came to Vietnam… Not long time ago in comparison with other world sports

Despite the fact that kitesurfing is one of the most modern and new sports, it’s history (as well as the history of KITE itself) started very long time ago. The first mention of the kite dates back to 1000 BC, when the ancient Chinese, inspired by flying birds, tried to launch into the air some hand-crafted bamboo items (478-392 BC). Of course that kite was absolutely different from kite you see in Vietnam today 🙂

Further development of the kite quickly gained pace. Kites were widely used in navigation instead of sails for towing small vessels. And in the military: the kite lifted up burning fireworks to frighten the enemy. The popularity of kites in that period is evidenced by such facts that in most countries of South-East Asia, primarily China and Japan, annual kite festivals were held

Today kiting in Vietnam both for sport and pleasure) of course not for military – and let it last like this forever!

Come to Mui Ne beach to our school, try kiteboarding and have fun with us 🙂

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