Snowkiting. Or what to do in the winter?

Our students often ask what to do if you live far from the sea. Or what to do if your greedy do not give you enough days off to enjoy kite surfing in the place with eternal summer like Mui ne Vietnam. It does not matter: in Russia there are many places where there is no sea, but there are almost no places where there would be no snow!!!

All the charm of our lessons lies in the fact that after the first 3 hours you will discover a wonderful snowy dream of snow kiting. Our friends from Kamchatka have published a wonderful story about this winter entertainment. And they know something about it! Special thanks for the text to Nikolai Ryazanov, an ideologist and enthusiast of the Kamchatka kite movement 🙂

Snow kiting!

Thanks to the design of the kite, you can move in any direction, both in the wind and against it! Move faster than the wind? Easily! The official world speed record on the water is more than 105 km / h.
On the kite you can travel for long distances or set new speed records, quietly ride for fun or learn insane tricks. Kite allows you to make fantastic jumps in range and height.

Currently, kiting is one of the most fashionable, bright and progressive trends of the 21st century! Kite was the missing link, which connected surfing and windsurfing, snowboarding and wakeboarding, skateboarding and mountain boarding, thus creating a completely new kind of sport – kiting! It’s all-season sport and it does not matter water, snow or ground underfoot. You can always ride with a kite in combination with a kite board, snowboard or alpine skis, buggies, rollers, regular skates, kayak, sap and whatever fantasy tells you. For skiing in the winter, you no longer need to look for a ski resort with a ski lift! Seemingly boring snow-covered field or a frozen pond, with a kite and even a light wind, will give a lot of pleasure and positive emotions. Well, in summer, nearby lakes, bays, seas and the ocean will become a place for getting a fresh portion of adrenaline and active recreation in the company of friends of kiters.

It is only you who can fully answer the question “what is kiting?”, having experienced those sensations that gives riding with a kite. Just try this sport, and you will forever change your idea of ​​rest and enjoyment. And, most likely, kiting will become for you a lifestyle, as it happened with us.
(c) “KiteTeam – Kamchatka”.

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