About Spam, Webpage and the Season

High Season. Finally came the time when we have more free time. So much more, that even we have time to write something on our webpage. Can you imagine that?

And then, when we were going through the darkest forest of plugin updates, features, widgets and things with God only knows purposes, we came across the “comments” section. And it was just all Spam, like in a silent horror movie!

Among the offers of inexpensive Viagra, website promotion, advertising subwoofers in Lviv and recommendations on what to do if you bought land in Belarus … as well as proposals to earn money without getting up off your couch, making no effort and without any investment. As well as advertising courses “how to pick up a girl” again with no efforts at all, with a total of more than 2,5 thousand tips, ads and suggestions, we found some real comments from our real customers. Thank you!

Some of them, unfortunately, have lost their relevance. But we still decided to answer everything. We bring formal apologies for not taking into account the comments, it will not happen again, hopefuly )))

If someone is interested in websites of women’s health, advertising Viagra and subwoofers – write, we have a lot of links on the topic 😉

Just in case, our contacts are right here.

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